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How to check your Streaming royalty and balance on Trust Music

December 30, 2023/

Trust Music is crucial for artists to monitor their financial growth effectively. Through the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily access your streaming royalty information and gain valuable insights into your earnings from various platforms. Remember, staying informed about your streaming royalties enables you to make informed decisions,…

Verified Artist Profiles Using Trust Music

December 30, 2023/

By distributing your music through Trust Music, we automatically send your music to your existing artist profiles on all music stores and platforms or create a new one for you. But the verification process, the ability to edit your artist profiles, and access to applications like Spotify for Artists or Apple Music…

Trust Music Vs SongTrust: Exploring the Key Differences in Music Distribution and Publishing Administration

December 27, 2023/

Trust Music and SongTrust play crucial but distinct roles in the music industry. Trust Music excels in simplifying music distribution for artists, offering a wide reach and seamless user experience. SongTrust, on the other hand, focuses on music publishing administration, maximizing artists’ earning potential through comprehensive royalty collection and copyright…

Is Trust Music Still the Best? number 1 distributor

December 24, 2023/

Trust Music is a music distribution company and is the best distributor from 2022. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your music career to new heights with Trust Music’s exceptional services! In the ever-evolving world of music distribution, artists are constantly searching for trustworthy, reliable partners to help…

Do I Own My Music if I Use Trust Music? 1 of the best Distro

December 24, 2023/

Trust Music empowers artists by offering a platform through which they can distribute, market, and license their music with ease. Importantly, artists using Trust Music retain their fundamental ownership rights while gaining access to a broader audience and revenue streams. Remember, the question “Do I own my music if I…

Does Trust Music Protect Your Music?

December 24, 2023/

Trust Music enables artists to easily issue DMCA takedown notices to remove infringing content. Have you poured your heart and soul into creating breathtaking music? Imagine waking up one day to find your melodious masterpiece floating aimlessly through the vast corners of the internet, without your name attached to it.…

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