The Ex Files: 8 Kinds Of Girlfriends Any Lesbian Has Had

No one recognizes the ability of the
that can compare with a
. Between the little sized most lesbian communities and 10,000 several hours of “processing” that people gay women are susceptible to,
are a part of existence that most queer females must reckon with more than your own average person. Actually, you could point out that a
is simply a


of exes. She knows all of the different types in and out like a sommelier knows her varietals. Because she actually is must cope with every one—if maybe not within her very own life, after that inside her pal’s life or her sweetheart’s existence.

Here are 8 kinds of exes that each and every lesbian features within cabinet.

The Ex Exactly Who Taught You Anything You Understand

This isn’t necessarily your own
VERY FIRST sweetheart
; she might have appear a couple of girlfriends inside game—an
earlier better lesbian
just who got your infant dyke self under her wing and educated you anything you currently discover
sexual climaxes
. You are not currently nonetheless in touch with the ex which trained you whatever you learn, however you do think fondly of their every once in awhile, especially when you have got a flashback your “exactly what perform i actually do using my language” days.

The Ex Exactly Who Broke The Cardiovascular System

Perhaps she cheated you with your
Perhaps she said
“But we’re not even with each other?”
when you requested the girl to
move in
along with you after 6 months of intense devotion. Perhaps
she just was not as into your
whenever had been into their. Regardless, this ex hurt you more than other people previously has, and, as you’ll kinda never ever forgive their because of it, you are in addition kinda still wanting this one time she’ll arrive begging so that you can take their back in order to resemble “LOL, NOPE.”

The Ex You Are However obsessed about

Similarly, every lesbian has actually one or more ex exactly who they’d restore in 0.5 moments if chance emerged because they only LOVE her A GREAT DEAL and you also hardly understand, OKAY? In case you are wise, you simply won’t necessarily


that you are however deeply in love with this ex, because that is ridiculous (this has been four years, proceed). Actually, chances are you’ll go out of the right path to inform folks just how “over it” you’re. If you should be perhaps not smart, you keep up to covertly
text this ex
and maybe get a little flirty. Anyway, you secretly daydream regarding the reunion at least one time each week, especially when you’re

Your Best Friend

Every lesbian is
best friends
with at least one of their exes. It is anything while understand it. It is just problematic should they get into one of many other classes, e.g. the ex you are still in deep love with. Usually, that it is great to transform some body from a romantic to a platonic role into your life. It’s evidence which you
don’t have to cut some one amazing from your very own existence
forever just because ya’ll were not a match in love. Also, your own best-friend-that-used-to-be-your-ex sometimes provides an original way of keeping you accountable, because you know she


you, while can not bullshit the girl.

The Ex That Is Directly

Often you
fall in love with a straight woman
since you don’t know much better or your center gets the good you. Occasionally you love a girl who identifies as queer at that time, but you break-up and she begins matchmaking males and continues dating guys throughout the woman life, and you are like “hold off what?” Occasionally you adore a girl just who determines as straight, but unexpectedly comes for your family because sexuality is ~fluid~, but might never You Date woman after ya’ll break-up. Either way, you have an
ex that’s right
available someplace!

The Ex That Is In Addition Your Brand-new Girlfriend’s Ex

Becoming a lesbian is a lot like surviving in a small city irrespective of where you reside. There are only plenty prospective lovers readily available, and quite often
him/her can also be your brand new sweetheart’s ex
. Crazy, but real! often you need to virtually sit back and draw out a map since you’re having trouble psychologically monitoring who is f*cked just who. It is honestly type of the worst, but, hey—if Alice can keep track, thus could you.

The One That Had Gotten Away

No, this is simply not always the exact same individual just like the ex you’re nevertheless obsessed about. This ex will be the one who you messed situations right up with—maybe you weren’t ready for a relationship or perhaps you used to be merely too immature to take care of her right. Years afterwards, whenever you consider the lady, you are still filled with an ocean of regret which you lost on something could’ve already been truly special. This might be especially distressing for the chronilogical age of social networking, because you is able to see just how pleased the woman is with somebody else now and this totally could’ve been you if you had your crap with each other! Damnit. Perhaps Not


lesbian has actually a
person who got out
, you definitely carry out if you find yourself or have actually already been a

The Ex You Are Still F*cking

In spite of how a lot of break up information articles you study, breakups are sloppy while the center (and pussy) wishes exactly what it wishes. Every lesbian features an ex who they are nonetheless f*cking and certainly will only stop f*cking once they or their ex enters a monogamous commitment (and quite often not really after that, BUT TRY NOT TO BE THAT INDIVIDUAL). Often, the
comes along with hello texts and meal times and, generally, you’re still in a connection in every single feeling of the phrase except that when people enquire about it, you say, “Oh yeah we broke up.” Some days, you’re able to compartmentalize and just phone this person over for random booty phone calls. We totally condone f*cking him/her, if you shield the center!

How many other different exes are you experiencing hanging around?

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